Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Harsh.TV Features DrillaKidMusic Drilla Kid, London, Britain (UK)

Harsh.TV Features DrillaKidMusic Drilla Kid, London, Britain (UK)



As one of the hottest and versatile rappers from the east end of London. Drilla Kid began his musical journey through underground radio stations, hosting many shows and events, showcasing his own unique style. Initially influenced by the popular UK Garage/Hip Hop scene but then made a massive impact and heavy inroads in the British Asian urban genre.
Drilla Kid ventured out and tasted success in a variety of genres receiving rave reviews for his past releases collaborating with the well renowned producer Kami K. Drilla Kid featured on many releases such as the famed Streets of Bollywood alongside the highly successful Bollywood Breaks compilation and other prominent projects.
In the last 10 months Drilla Kid has also been composing alongside Groove Technologi, a production outfit formed by Kami K, building numerous tracks which are sure to take the UK music scene by storm. Watch this space and follow the Drilla Kid Movement. Music that will surely intoxicate those taste buds.

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