Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Harsh.TV Features David Guitard Music News Update

Hello there, I hope that you are doing well, I have been very busy trying to set things up and had come into some problems with doing it but that has been resolved and now have my store up and running where my mp3's can be purchased athttp://virtualmerchstand.com//DavidGuitard for anyone who would like to purchase the mp3's! I have more new news to tell you, like that I have a collaboration with another musician being put together and am being played on radio stations in Nigeria, quite something, so far away but yet my music is being promoted and played for people, they have "Twin Towers" playing on many stations! Now it would be real nice to have my CD's and mp3's being purchased! This is my next goal while I am still working on new music and now the collaboration which is going to be quite something, his name is Oyosboy Mikel Oyofo from another country and wants to do this with me! He has a label and CD released there already and is marketing me everywhere he can! I will be in touch letting you know more of what is happening and hope that my new online store is a success! Take care and thank you!

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