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Harsh.TV Features - COLLECTORS OF SOULS is the seventh full-length album by Montreal based duo Chiwawa (Laurie Gordon and Krassy Halatchev)

Chiwawa - Collectors Of Souls

COLLECTORS OF SOULS is the seventh full-length album by Montreal based duo Chiwawa (Laurie Gordon and Krassy Halatchev).

Yes, they have raised the stakes yet again. Just as the opening track High Noon,and Trade (Track 8) call for it: "Staring the fiend straight in the eye I can now tell he won't back down till he has found his way to hell"; "Are you sure you want to trade? Don't you feel betrayed? Shall we raise the stakes? How long till you wake up?"

The first single The Same Mistake (Track 2), sets the mood for a hypnotic listening experience. What follows is a consistently intriguing adventure taking unpredictable turns and direction, combined with mature musical aesthetics.

The next single She's Kind Of Fly (Track 10) is a collaboration between Chiwawa and lyricist Joel Jenkins. This is the second time they join forces to forge a solid bond of words and music. The tune is irresistable and laden with hooks.

COLECTORS OF SOULS is positive and full of emotional depth, resonating long after the record has ended. The compositions evoke serious and compelling thoughts, emotions and contrasts.
The album is deeply tuned in with the current zeitgeist. Its political and socio-economic standpoint is clearly illustrated in its lyrics (High Noon, The Angels Forgot How To Fly, Love Like Blood, Trade, Madness Is My Home, Winding Road, Nothing In You).

COLLECTORS OF SOULS is charged, rich, and captivating. It is a mature, brilliantly composed and meticulously crafted collection of songs that is certain to leave a long lasting impression.
It is no surprise that critics hurry to proclaim it as “Chiwawa’s best to date!”

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Chiwawa's brand new album "COLLECTORS OF SOULS", featuring the singles The Same Mistake, She's Kind Of Fly and Love Like Blood, comes out October 15, 2012!

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