Monday, 6 August 2012

Harsh.TV Does an Exclusive Interview with The Very Talented RAWDAWG/UK, an artist/actor/producer/writer

Harsh.TV Does an Exclusive Interview with The Very Talented 
 RAWDAWG/UK, an artist/actor/producer/writer

We talk about some really interesting fun facts like find out what his 
first role in a Major 

        Blockbuster Film was, what's on the hot play list and much, much more.
A Great Interview

Please Tell us who you are and what you do 
1. I am RAWDAWG/UK, an artist/actor/producer/writer.

Please Describe your music in 5 words 
2. My music in 5 words - Party, Energetic, hype, Fun, and Raw!

Please Give us 3 Fun Facts about you 
3. 3 facts, No1, I was born in London, but raised up in N.Y all my life. 
               No 2, When i came to London a few years ago, i was given my first role in a Major 
        Blockbuster Film
               Street Dance 3D No 1, it was a small part, but it opened doors for me, and now im
               working on a new film coming out next year.
               No 3, I love everything UK, i think its  because i never raised up in the UK, i always felt 
               like a part of me was missing, when i got back to the UK, i felt like i made it home, its crazy, but 
What Makes your voice stand out from other Artist?
4. The POWER in my voice has often been compared to DMX, Ja RULE, BUSTA, etc etc. 

Do you write your own Material? 
5. I write for myself, and other artists.
What are your current Projects?
6. Currently working on some new music, sure to shock the crowd, im a pioneer, so im always looking 
for new sounds, and ideas, and always open for collaborations.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 
7. In 5 years, i plan to be on top of my game, at least 1 of the best amongst my piers.
Where does your Inspiration come from?
8. my inspiration comes from all music, i love everything music, not just 1 particular style,
hiphop/dance/rnb/dubstep/classical/ukg, everything. 

Do you prefer UK or US Music?
9. Since i was raised in New York from birth, and i am a rapper, i would say hiphop, but then coming to the UK makes it hard for me to answer that question, because i love all the sounds the UK has to offer, especially Dubstep/UKG.
Whats on your Hot Playlist?
10. In listen to everybody, no particular favourites
What is your Fashion Style in 5 words
11. Fashion style: fresh, vintage, tailored, street, smart.

How can people connect and collaborate with you. 

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