Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Be feature on a hot new Mixtape - AMERICAN GANGSTER hosted by the real Rick Ross @chilligrindwill


hosted by the real Rick Ross @chilligrindwill

Fee too submit:$175 (which get you radio play4two weeks,magazine placement on x10magazine,1 interview on dagrahyndmusic.net/radio )

$85.00 Mixtape placement,music played on station

$50.00 Mixtape placement

And if they mention you harshtv they can submit 2 single for the price of 175 and get 2 interviews with our New York and Atlanta Ga station.

Come check out a station were indie artist have a voice too speak

$25.00 gets you 1 interview 1 week twitter promo, and music played on station

Mention harsh Tv and get a $5.00 off


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