Thursday, 23 August 2012

An online tip jar for every musician

Music Xray launched a new and free tip jar in every artist account. Get yours or read about it here: 
A bunch of new opportunities this week including Interscope, Ciara, film deals, productions deals, DigSin, & more... 
...and just a litte statistic we checked the other day and can share... 13,994 songs and acts have been selected for opportunities on Music Xray in the past 18 months. That's about 26 selections per day including holidays and weekends... but who's counting?

Interscope Records Artists are looking for Number One Hits

Artists from the Interscope roster are looking for new singles from their up coming albums. Records must be owned by you or you must have full permission to release record from original creator(s) if chosen.
Genres currently being accepted is Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Country.
No other genres are currently being accepted at the moment.

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