Saturday, 18 August 2012

Aivy Nguyen Does An Exclusive Interview With The Very Talented Lil Schuchy

Aivy Nguyen Does An Exclusive Interview With The Very Talented Lil Schuchy 

  • short paragraph about yourself, who you are, your latest single/album/project.
  - My name is Lil Schuchy pronounced as shooky, alot people get it mixed up, but im working on a mixtape called "The Intro" which is getting nice attention but not enough.  I got my name from part of my last name, i would always be called schuch or schuchy, so i used it because its still me not a made up name.
  • What made you want to be a singer/rapper and start to produce your own music? 
  - When i was young i used to listen to Tupac, who is really inspiring for me, because his music said more than just words, they were expressing a lifestyle, an emotion, thing they were going through, and im not saying i can relate to everything I'm saying he spoke the truth.  I've always been a fan of making rhymes so i started to try it on my own when i was in 6th grade.  Then 8th grade i finally bought some what recording equipment, and since then i been doing music.
  • Where do you get your inspiration from with your lyrics?
  - I get my lyrics from how i feel, and the things i go through on a daily bases.
  • Who inspired you?
  - All the other Asian artist out there.
  • In 5 words, what describes you best as an artist.
  - One all can relate to
  • What type of music are you into?
  - hip hop, more of the old school rap, but R&B i gotta have my slow jams.
  • Where do you want to be in 5 years?
  - I want to be where every artist wants to be, at the top.
  • Online unsigned radio stations, if any that have played your music?
   - 92.3 ceder valley radio station.
  • The link to your website, twitter, facebook, youtube?
   - Twitter @iamlilschuchy (COULD YOU ALSO PUT THIS SONG ON YOUR PAGE) 


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