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Please RT -Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview With The Very Talented Tony Green is a rapper/ producer From New Jersey


Tony Green is a   rapper/ producer  From New Jersey. He is the President/
Founder of In the Loop Entertainment, a company that promotes the music of
artists from his home state of NJ and around the globe. Tony mostly
promotes unsigned artists through his Internet show 'UnderGround Up'
through the 'In The Loop Entertainment' Group Page (Over 3100 Group Members
increasing by about 100 per week) on Facebook and through events he hosts,
the biggest being "Enta Da Stage". "Enta Da Stage" is one of the only open
mics in all of NJ made for Rap/Hip Hop Artists. The show is held at Tea Bar
of Union (2012 Morris Ave Union, NJ) every last Saturday of the month and
always has a large audience. Recently the show has expanded and an 'Enta Da
Stage' event ws held in Union City, NJ.

As a rapper he is known for witty punch lines, metaphors, wordplay and at
times high speed  rapid delivery. From a small town, Tony gives rap fans a
very different view through his experiences with the drug culture, crime,
and family struggles with issues such as disease, abuse, incarceration and
racism. His full length album "The Tony Green Files" covers many of these
topics. The album also features upbeat dance tracks 'BarHoppin' and
'Penelope'  as well as songs about the difficulties of struggling rappers
trying to break through and be heard, political and class issues , race
issues, prostitution, alcoholism and drug abuse. . He is not trying to
compete with the harsh realities of ghetto life or make himself to be
somebody he's not, he's really just telling his story openly and honestly
and at times that can be controversial and misunderstood. Tony also self
produced every track on the 11 song Album which features 8 songs and 3
skits. His lead single "BarHoppin' (Up, Down)" is currently in rotation at
Kean College Radio 90.3 , getting 25 spins a day. His new song
'Resurrection 2012' was recently put into rotation on rap show 'NoFace
Radio' on 90.3fm Kean College Radio. A video made for the single
'BarHoppin' is now available on Youtube . Upcoming Events for Tony include
an expansion of "Enta Da Stage" shows into Passaic and Bergen County , NJ .
Tony's album 'The Tony Green Files' was Recently featured on the 'Next Up'
Section on which is the personal website of Def Jam
Records' Tommy Brown.

Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview With The Very Talented Tony Green is a  rapper/ producer  From New Jersey. A Must Read Interview!!!!

Q. Tell us who you are and what you do?
1.  Tony Green, I'm a Dignified multi racial man with a lot of  ambition.  I'm an Emcee first and foremost. A producer, Show organizer, Radio and Party DJ and Political Analyst.

Q.Describe your Music in 5 Words
2. Witty, Wise, Deep, Lyrical, Hiphop

Q.Tell us 3 Fun Facts about you.
3. I like to party all nite into the early morning whenever possible, I'll do whatever I can to make people enjoy themselves, With jokes I can make anyone crack up laughing til they have to catch their breath.

Q.What makes your voice stand out from other Artist?
4. Many artists say what they think they're expected to, I say what I feel , or what is the truth or what will get you to have a good laugh . A lot of my songs have ideas in them that are radical and even controversial but they're in there to prove a point not just to shock. Opening eyes to certain unseen parts of life is what my overall goal is.

Q. Do you write your Own Material?
5. I write all my own material and sometimes collaborate with other artists. Usually I only collab with people I really feel are amazing artists .

Q.What are your Current Music Projects?
6. Right now I'm organizing a lot of shows in New Jersey and working on some in England and Canada and working on my next Album "The Tony Green Files: Each Word is A Step"

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
7.In 5 years I see myself having changed a lot of people's minds about what hiphop means in the realm of music and culture. I see myself working t develop and promote a lot of talented influential artists and touring worldwide.

Q. Where do you get your Inspiration From?
8. From day to day life and its obstacles and from talented musicians from the classic to the unsigned.

Q.Do you like UK or US Music?
9. There's great music from all countries I couldn't limit what I'd listen to.

Q.What's on your Playlist?
10. A lot of Wu-Tang, Sublime, Dee Lite and I watch a lot of Rap Battles , Usually from "King of The Dot" or 'Ground Zero" or old "Grind Time" battles.

Q.Who Influences your Music?
11. The people I get to perform in front of influence me. Crowd reaction gives me an idea of what may or may not work . Gives me a chance to modify what I'm saying to still deliver the message I wanted but in a more accessible way if needed.

Q. Describe your Fashion Style?
12. Match what others might not.

Q.How can people Connect and Collaborate with you?
13. The best way to contact me is on Facebook @ or email me

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