Monday, 2 July 2012

Harsh.TV Features The Very Talented Band Nine Lies

Last week was a busy one for Belfast Rock Band Nine Lies. As if releasing a new EP

 wasn't enough to cope with, they were thrilled to hear that the title track "Nothin Left

 For Me" had won them "Best Rock Band 2012" over in the US on Pirate Radio! That's 

Award #3 safely in their cabinet for this year alone! 

Since then, the band have been approached by several media companies, and have

 just signed a deal that gets their music video played across the US on public access 

and Student TV, and a second separate deal that gets their new EP played to up to 15 

million people in the US. 

More deals are in the pipeline as I write... 

Yep, all of this in just SEVEN Days!!!! 

Preview the track, and grab a copy via soundloud at 

The EP is available for you to download at: 

Thanks for reading, 

Tish Romanov - Nine Lies Manager

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