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NBS Films Updates

just to let you guys know, that The budget for Birth of the Wolf is looking very hopefull, we will be reloading the push again on indiegogo (last time) before we call it a day, we have 2 options depending on the budget, option 1, we produce the trailer, option 2 the feature film, i believe with the feature we can shoot it all in 30 days, as the scenes are all pretty standard the budget is mainly for the crew(camera,makeup,lighting)/ equiptment / props / we will have a lot of volunteers on site and will welcome anyone else who wants to be involved (just visit the NBSfilm site and send us a email) or follow and tweet us @nbsfilms as you can see were not hard to find,

this is a UKINDIEFILM we will be giving away loads of perks with this film,

I personally have contributed to 3 indie films via Indiegogo so if i can do it i know you guys will help us make this film.

if we do exceed our budget we will give the soundtrack away for free, THATS JUST HOW WE DO IT.

Just to give you a break down of what the film is all about again, Here you go

Short Summary

Charles is an aging Hitman, he has been killing people for as long as he can remember, from being in the army to the present day contracts, however there becomes a time when the straw breaks the camel’s back and Charles feels depressed and decides he needs help, not knowing where to turn he finds Mary who is a Physiatrist. A London Soho based gangsters daughter decides to live the double life of pretending to be daddy’s little angel to a typical party girl who loves to indulge in drink, drugs and guys which ends her in hospital and eventually dies. everyone is to blame including the doctor who was treating his daughter, who also happens to be the husband of Mary who witnesses the murder and becomes a witness. Charles is now the hitman hired to take out Mary his physiatrist and the person he feels is helping him the most.

Here Are A List Of The Perks (im giving you the heads up before we launch, if you want to contribute please do Via the NBSFilm site)

Bullets On The Table
Every thing and anything is gratefully appriciated


Fully Loaded Clip
A "Very Special Thanks" to you in the end credits of the film as well as a DVD copy of the movie,

Target Locked
An Associate Producer credit! As well as a DVD copy of the movie, a copy

Green Light
All of the Above and a signed poster and copy of the script from the crew.

Confirmed Kill
All of the above and a invitation to spend a day on the set

Your In The Books
All Of the Above and an Invitation to a private screening once released

Your A Hit
All of the above Plus - have your own hitman take you out scene - a limited edition copy - a personal video thank you in the extra features page from the director

Other Ways You Can Help Spread the word about our project! Send this page to someone else and get excited for the release in 2013 If you are interested in being an extra in the film feel free to contact us, we would love to put you on the big screen! E-mail with the subject line "extra". Also if you have prop weapons that you wish to donate please feel free to contact us as well.


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