Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Harsh.TV Features - J. Smith

 Bio for artist J. Smith:

J. Smith" started independently writing and recording music throughout his senior year. All of this work culminated in the release of a full-length mix-tape, "Kid in Me," and his song "Smile Girl," with a corresponding music video that has rapidly gained popularity on the internet. It's gotten over twenty five thousand hits on YouTube alone. Yet his work has not even come close to ending. He has another music video out, to his song "Near Graduation," which further showcases his admirable range, broad appeal and strong abilities.

However, J. Smith is distinguished from other hip hop artists by more than just his talent. The messages that flow through his songs prove that rap and hip hop songs do not have to be filled with the anger, violence and hate which so often seem prevalent. Instead, his lyrics employ wholesome language - instead of the seemingly ubiquitous profanity in rap music - and family-friendly subject material to which everyone can relate. His songs usually evoke themes like the emotional struggles one encounters in the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and his ambition to succeed in school, sports and his relationships, both familial and romantic. All of these positive attributes are apparent in his new song "Near Graduation." With lyrics like "I'm gonna spread joy to the nation/I just gotta have patience," and "If you got love just let it grow," J. Smith shows that rap doesn't need to have a negative message in order to be well crafted. He would rather rap about his life goals. Similarly, his music videos often use school as a setting, showing how important school is in his songs, and in his life.

Here is the link to his video:

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