Monday, 2 July 2012

Harsh.TV Features - Beauty Of Lies - Rebecca Clements (Original)


Filmed this quickly so you could meet the new addition to my guitar family. Wrote this song a few days ago and am still undecided on the name so any suggestions would be wonderful. Hope you're well, expect many videos in the next few weeks! x

Beauty Of Lies (c) Rebecca Clements 2012

You say it's alright, but I know that's just words,
'Cos you have to fill the gaps, because the silence hurts
This isn't love so why is there so much grief?
I'll leave you in the morning but for now, let's keep the peace
Lets keep the peace

Now there's a look on both our faces like we never saw the end,
Maybe the beauty of the lies will help us start again
I don't love you, cause I havn't lost my mind
But I have this heart of ... more

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