Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Harsh.TV Does A Hot #Harsh.TV 'Twitterview' Catch Up With The Very Talented Brooklyn Jayde.

Harsh.TV Does A Hot #Harsh.TV 'Twitterview' Catch Up With The Very Talented 
Brooklyn Jayde.
We Managed To Track Down her down for A Quick Interview catch-up via Twitter to find out what She's been up to since her last Interview with us and also find out How Harsh.TV Has Helped her since.

A Little Fun Way for you to Interact, Just keep Scrolling Down!

Harsh.TV - Tell us who you are and What you do?

Harsh.TV - What have you been up to since your Last Interview with Harsh.TV?

Harsh.TV -What Project are you working on at The Moment?

Harsh.TV - How has Harsh.TV Helped you and your Music?

Harsh.TV - Would you Recommend Harsh.TV?

Harsh.TV - What would you like to happen for your music in the next year?

Harsh.TV - How can people Connect & Collaborate with you?

Harsh.TV -Thank you so very Much for taking the time to Catch up with us, for you 'twitterview at .TV

I am Brooklynn jayde. I am a singer/ songwriter/ composer and performer

I just got back from LA and recorded a three song Ep

I have been working on a 3 song EP and a mixtape. Once that's all done I'll start planning performances and shows w/ other artists.

Harsh TV has helped a ton in giving me exposure in places past the US!

I would MOST DEF recommend HarshTV !

In the next year i'd like to be touring, have music will be playing on the radio, and writing and composing for other artists. And be signed

You can connect and collab with me by: Or follow me and DM me 

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