Monday, 9 July 2012

Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview with The Very Talented Duo Sue Wilson & Terry Taylor

Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview with The Very Talented  Duo Sue Wilson & Terry Taylor who are a folk/rock Duo of  'GONE WRONG' 
We talk Music Inspiration, The current Music projects, Find out who's on their Hot Playlist.
A great Interview

Q.Tell us about who you are & What you do?
A. The duet 'GONE WRONG' are a folk/rock duet. Sue Wilson & Terry Taylor. 
Q: Describe your Music in 5 words
A. Original, edgy, fantasy folk/rock.
Q.Please give your Fans 3 Fun Facts About you.
A. We wake up sleepy folk events. We have a happy aura. We sound unique.
Q. What makes your Voice Stand Out from other Artists?
A. Our two part harmonies, and his and her lyrics, can only be performed by a boy & girl duet.
Q. Do you Write Your Own Material?
A. Yes. 10 original songs so far. 
Q: What are your Current projects that you are working on?
A. We are working with TVCogeco on an 1812 television show.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
A. GONE WRONG will be signed by Virgin Records and be playing even bigger events in the next five years.
Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A. Our inspiration comes from the dark corners of human behavior.
Q: Who would you rather listen to UK or US Music?
A. The source of the music is not what matters. 
Q:What Artist do you listen to?
A. Madison Violet, Kathryn Wheel, Bowie, Judas Priest etc.  
Q:Who influences your music?
A. Wall of Voodoo, Corrosion of Comformity, Led Zeppellin. 
Q: Please describe your fashion style in 5 words?
A. Simple, dark, lose, sweaty, ugly. 
Q: How can people Contact you & Collaborate with you?

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