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Harsh Hot Topics Features and Interviews -photographer JaimeTravezan


Born in Peru, JaimeTravezan approached photography as a journalist, documenting articles with his own pictures. Moving to Europe, he started to work as a photographer, first on reportage then moving his interest towards fashion and portraiture, commissioned by magazines such as ElleVogueID, Tatler, and major newspapers. In 2009 he teamed with graphic designer David Tortora under the name, ‘Jeff orGina’: a collaborative project were the use of postproduction plays as a complement to photographic composition. ( )

Online Portfolio:

Aspinal of London, Elle, Glamour, Numode, L'oreal, El Pais, Twill, House of Cashmere, among others.

Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview with The Very Talented Jaime Travezan,  Photographer
Check out his Great Interview!

Q. Please tell us who you are and what you do?
I'm jaime Travezan,  photographer.

Q. How did you get into Photography as we know you were a Journalist
While i was writing articles to peruvian newspaper El Comercio sometimes i needed pictures to go with the articles. Thats how i started taking pictures. At the same time i was studying architecture.

Q.What has been The Best Experience so far that you have had in your profession?
Difficult to think in one best experience.  I have a great souvenir when peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa won the Nobel Prize and I went to Stockholm to cover it. It was a continuos party for a whole week.

Q.What are your current projects that you are working on? 
At the moment I'm working in a social project about the city of Lima. It would be an exhibition and a book for next year.

Q. Tell us 3 Fun Things about yourself?
Three things are too many. i can't even find one. Sorry :-(

Q. Do you have a particular Style of Photography that best represents you?
 I really don't know but i enjoy the best when I'm doing backlighting

Q. How can people contact you to collaborate?
 They can always write me to my email,

Q.Where would be the best place for people to see your work?
Through my websites,, and

Q. Finally we would love to know who your favorite Photographer is?
Thats a difficult one. From Man Ray to Steven Klein they're so many that I really appreciate.

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