Sunday, 24 June 2012

Please RT - Let's make a stand TOGETHER. We are not alone.


I suffer from severe anxiety/depression/OCD - borderline agrophobia and some physical problems due to a very painful surgery for collapsed lung.
As for my mental health, I've been suffering now for somewhat 15 years. I've been to CBT(cognative behavioral therapy), certain medications, therapists, psychologists, docotors - You name it! I'm still now recieving the help I can possibly get through my National Health Service. I've had many jobs in the post but I've had to leave them due to my health issues worsening, I would love nothing more than to gain my recording equipment the conventional way and work hard, but most days I find myselh house bound, It takes me hours to pluck up the courage just to get out the door to the shops wich are like 2 secs away from my doorstep.
My OCD is a rather complex situation, it's in regards to food. I have a totally far-fetched way of seeing food, and I'm the first to admit this, even though its serious, and I'm underweight because of it. - Anything I eat that isn't of the right texture/taste ...I spit it out, it's a compulsive action that I've been doing now for the past 3 years to stop myself from being sick instead or having debilitating panic attacks, I also have to check the flat atleast 6/7 times before I make my way out the door, on top of the original anxiety I face getting out anyhow! It seems like a never ending cycle and there is too much stigma around to sometimes explain my ailments/conditions because people don't physically see them.
To be able to gain recording equipment for myself and the use of others who are disadvantaged like me(close friends whom suffer with what I have), it would mean the absolutely world to me. I can't simply express the words that would be able to express the feelings. Music to me is my way of keeping on a straight and narrow, to be able to pen my feelings on paper and then record them for the world to hear is a amazing way forward for me and my long road to recovery.
Just like indigogo says, I believe everyone should be given a platform to raise funds for whatever they like, so I'm taking a shot at it and hoping for the best. I know there are many generous individuals out there. Myself included(I donated to the bus monitor woman) ...
I want to end the stigma that is mental health, and open the doors for people who are too scared/embarrassed to open up due to potential abuse. Let's make a stand TOGETHER. We are not alone.

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