Monday, 4 June 2012

In The Dark - Rebecca Clements (Original) and EP competition info!


Disconnect the dots, we're not in love
Who are we to fall in the dark, kiss someone til we've had enough
You've got a thousand thoughts, running through your mind
But now I understand i'm where you draw the line

And we've seen it all before, in the same seen
cos you're loving me like a burden but i'm too sober to say anything

Oh you're eyes are black, and I understand why
You've got this thing in your chest, and it's as cold as ice oh
Did you pull the trigger?
Or did you drink your sin?
Did you ever consider, the state that i'd be in? oh

I'm trapped in this maze, that you designed
You've painted the picture, held in this frame of mind
And words are all you have to make me stay
But your words have ...

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