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Harsh.TV Hotspot Features - Projekt Rehab

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Assembled in late 2009. Porter and Kaiele Nicole merged as one to become Projekt Rehab, where
they would fuse alternative, indie, and electronic rock. The Californian based duo is taking aim at a
whole new demographic, with deep rooted lyrics and pure melodies.
Born Kandace Nicole Meggerson, Kaiele Nicole was born in Los Angeles. She spent her childhood
in Detroit MI, before permanently residing in Moreno Valley, CA. Kaiele Nicole was always heavily
influenced in music. Her father (who was born and raised in Detroit, MI) plays the drums, and her
mother is a self taught pianist. Kaiele bought her first bass, when she was still in high school, but it
wasn't until after she graduated that she knew it would become her calling. Before music, Kaiele was
most attributed for her writing. Kaiele grew up as a movie buff, and at one point of time aspired to be
a screenwriter. It wasn't until 2008 she began writing songs, for Porter as a way to aid him with his
producing. With influences from bands like Glassjaw and Incubus, The Funk Brothers, and the Red
Hot Chili Peppers, Kaiele has taken what she's learned from music's past to help shape her musical
Joseph Patterson, better known as Porter, was born in San Diego, CA. He spent half of his life living
in Southeast San Diego before moving to Temecula, CA at the age of 12. Growing up, he was
mostly involved in sports. It wasn’t until after he graduated from high school that he found his love
for music. In 2002 after being inspired by the Nellyville concert, which featured Fabolous, Cash
Money, and Nelly & the St. Lunatics, Porter began rapping amongst his peers. Later he moved to
Riverside where he joined a local Hip Hop group. Porter began to not only rap for them, but also
found himself producing some of their material. After the members of the group went their separate
ways, he began to focus mostly playing piano and guitar.
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