Friday, 1 June 2012

The Blog HotSpot Episode 8 June Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey

The Blog HotSpot Episode 8 June
Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey
Farmboy Records Partner/Producer

This month’s Quote
I might not be the best but I’m the best I know.

So here we are another month and a continuation of projects, meetings, late nights and early mornings, ok so here is what is up, If you have been following HarshTV as i know you have you would have noticed a new blogger on the site by the name of Chloe Calvin, 17yrs old media student doing it very big, well she’s my god daughter and were on our way to PARIS asap pictures and reviews will be added, she is still working on her website and hopefully (if all plans go ahead) the online/app magazine will be our next distribution project.
Look out for her and please give her the feedback she needs to make her grow.

So what’s new with YA BWOY
As you know the No Compromise Mixtape is out and is getting the love so thank you from me and the team.
The next project which will be available soon is the 44 Inch Chest Mixtape,
Is that the same as the movie you ask? NAW but the concept is similar.
Why That Title? It’s a big and bold statement, plus prior to watching the movie (by the way got slated but i thought the concept was good) it just grabbed me.
As i said the concept is similar (just that i’m no gangsta) it’s about an ordinary guy (me) who gets cheated on by his woman (this is reflected in the interludes) while the tracks show the personality of the character, so in one breath you get to hear the story and in the other breath you know not to mess with this character.
All the production was produced by myself and features our artists.
Also in the pipeline in the GODBODY Mixtape. So far were 5tracks into it so don’t expect that too soon, just expect it.

NBS films have been entering our film Checkmate into various film festivals and the hits on the site has been growing, so thank you for that support.

The latest films we are working on are “The Impossible Run” and “Birth Of A Wolf”

One short film and one feature.

So whats the overall dream? I won’t lie to you, i’m halfway there, i just need to get recognised or for someone to say “here you go now make me a film” lol like i said halfway there.

Let’s refer back to the quote,
Be the best you can be and do what you do to the best of your ability, don’t follow anyone, stay focused and to the plan, this is the same advice i give to my god daughter, do this and you WILL be great,
Ask HarshTV she is the living example of good things moulding into great things.

On that note
Love and Peace

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peace. Duces up.

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