Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What every artist should know about pitch sites third party players! By Paul Bailey

What every artist should know about pitch sites third party players!
Like it or not pitch sites are all over the place cropping up everywhere before you can say the word jack rabbit! There is a new one promising they are the best one online for your money!
I have used many of these pitch sites including Sonic bids,Music Xray,Audio Rokit.Broad Jam
and so on. Their role is the middle man you use their services including monthly payment or by opportunity submission fees! These opportunities they have are legitimate some look down right amazing. But in order to submit to these opportunities you have to use their services. Their motto is the the industry players don't take unsolicited material so you need them to get through.
Good strategy but not necessarily true it is an exploitation of the independent artist who doesn't have much money or knowledge!
Yes it is true that many Major companies don't take unsolicited material but there is away around that. A few yrs ago I attended a music conference panel and the unsolicited vs solicited came up the answer around that was to call and ask for permission that simple! I have tried it and it does work usually they give you a code to put on your package so they know who it is coming from. But that could get over whelming especially if you don't have contacts. You could Google but that is time consuming. Cutting out the middle man was also discussed and going direct to the professionals.
These companies prey on you the artist who as no connections it's a win win for them not for you!
So how can you cut out the middle man and go direct? Personally all contracts that I have gotten as been on my own detective work. None of these services I have used panned out to much if anything at all! So what's the secret? is to cut out third party services and go direct! Their are many directories/Pitch list you can buy for various different prices. The one I have found that is most affordable witch using online services would cost you at least 2 pitches. For that price your better off using this directory:
for 20.00 you can't go wrong 330 pages of contact info this is the best for your money I have seen out there! It comes in PDF form. PayPal is best you can also use credit card.f you are not redirected to the PDF you can contact he can help you out!
Happy Pitching and may you sign multi million dollar deals!

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