Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Only HERE READ the Hot New Interview With Davison Mwaliko

Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview with The Very Talented Davison Mwaliko
We talk Current Music Projects, Inspirations, What's on The Playlist at the Moment and Find out Who Mwaliko would like to Collaborate with.
A Great Interview

Q.Who you Are and What your Do.

my full name is Davison Mwaliko alias Mastaseed,besides music i specialise in security systems installation as a private technician.

Q.Please describe your Music in 5 words
My music is Educational,Encouriging & Hope giving.

Q.When did your Love for Music Start?
my love for music started way back in the late 90's when in high school and it never seized to date.

Q.What makes your Voice Stand Out From Other Artist?
Be cause I do it with none other artist imitations but me,myself and I.

Q. Who Would you Like To Collaborate with in The Industry?
As for collaboration,i love music challenges and feel like collaborating with any artist.

Q.Do you write your Own Material
Yes,i do write my own materials.

Q.What are your Current Projects that you are working on?
I am still promoting my first album and also gathering to go back to the studio.

Q.Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
In 5yrs i would like to be among the top ranking artist in the industry.

Q. Where do you get your Inspiration From?
Day to day happenings are my greatest inspiration.

Q. Who would you rather Listen to US or UK Artist?
I like listening to different genre of music,so i'd say both uk and us music,although i stuck with reggea,pop-reggea,roots and dub.

Q.What Artist Do you Listen To?
Like i said,i listen to variety of genre and have a number of artists i admire,but the late bob marley,2pac,richie spice,the list is endless.

Q.Who Influences your Music?
I draw my influence from real life challenges from childhood to date.

Q. Please describe your Fashion Style
Simple and up to date.

Q. How can people Connect and Collaborate with you?
People can reach me via my email,or call :            +254728178053      ,or check my facebook:Davison mwaliko ,page Mastaseed or check my profile at where you can get to hear my songs and also get to download and share with friends.

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