Monday, 14 May 2012

The Kozmic Dreamers Popular Song Event

My name is Vito Veii I am  an artist (Kozmic Dreamers) and Producer for the Kozmic Dreamers Popular Song Event.
Please Could I Humbly Request For People to vote in a song contest for unsigned artists in late June. The event will have about 200 artists in 18 Categories.

The link I would like to list  is  people can register themselves  for voting it is free to vote and I will send them a reminder as to when
And where to vote in June. I Will Be Giving Away  Randomly Three Cash Prizes Of $75 U.S, $50, $30 at the end of the event to members of the public 

 I will also be giving away 50 packs of free mobile phone wall papers designed exclusively by me.
Any artists that you know who would like to participate here is the link which explains the event in more detail

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