Sunday, 27 May 2012

Harsh.TV's Music Talent Scout James Monk brings Aceldamayou

The Birmingham based, Aceldama, were formed with the ideology of producing song which combine infectious, harmonious vocals with crushing, yet groove laden guitar riffs. This lays the ground for Aceldama's explosive live show, which produces audience interaction and high energy atmospheres. 2009 saw the release of Aceldama's debut album 'Seduce, Deceive & Lead Astray'. This 10 track release set and the foundations for the bands style, with heavy hard hitting melodic riffs, great underlying harmonies and powerful vocal lines. Key tracks from this album such as 'Do it Again', 'Things will change' and 'The Last time' have earned their place as fans' favourites and also within the band, which can still be seen influencing current writing.
Aceldama are earning quite a reputation in the Midlands and this has landed them slots at festivals such as Download, Metal Camp and Glastonbudget.

2010 saw their single containing 'Metal and Beer' and 'Breakdown' hitting the airwaves, and these songs prove a force on CD as well as a staple part of the 'Dama live show.
Aceldama have continued to grow from their original writings and are going from strength to strength, showing that they can keep up in the live music scene today. Anyone who has seen Aceldama live will understand what their live shows are all about. With an energetic performance, prominent audience interaction and a powerful stage presence, Aceldama is an act that won't be forgotten easily.
2011 sees the departure of drummer Paul, but the introduction of Scott Denny and a new CD is promised in the opening months of 2012.

Reported by Harsh.TV's Music Talent Scout James Monk

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