Friday, 4 May 2012

Harsh.TV Hotspot Features - Jessica D, Jai Alexander & Sarah...

Biography Jessica D.

Jessica D. is born on May 1988 and started singing since the age of 16
years, participating in various competitions and shows.

She knew that without training in the field could not achieve in musical
career, so that at age 18 is guided to training courses, where she
studied guitar and vocal.

In 2012 Jessica D. project is launched with the single Hero, created by
composer Alegra Mendez.

The single Hero already reached the charts all over the world on big
radios like NRJ Lebanon, Dance Fm, Hit Station, etc.

Jessica D a new artist that gained very easy popularity with her talent. She will be present this year on the NRJ Tour and her single already entered charts in Romania,Lebanon,Spain etc.
Here you can listen her single - Hero:

Biography Jai Alexander & Sarah

Romanian music producer, composer, dj and artist, Jai Alexander
debuts in the international music industry with a roar, creating a stir
all across the world. Backed by a degree in sound engineering and
collaborating with several well known names in the music industry such
as Billboard Winner Edward Maya, Jai Alexander was first known as a Dj
in different very popular night clubs.

But his passion ...for music and determination made him want more: to
leave his mark on the music industry. His first single “Twinheart” made
collaborating with the producer of smash hit “Stereo Love” – Edward
Maya gave Jai Alexander the opening he needed and was one of the
first steps in his international career.

Shortly afterwards, Jai started a new collaboration with Sarah, a smart
move, the artist encountering a smashing success and having now
thousands of fans across the world.

Sarah, discovering her passion for music at the tender age of 7 years
old, has her path covered with various first prizes at music and dance
contests, at the age of 17 joggling with being the host of a television
show, studying music and trying to become an artist.

When they met in 2009 at Jai Alexander’s studio, it was impossible not
to notice the potential and the collaboration started. They now are the
halves of the Jai Alexander Project, Sarah enchanting with her soft voice
and Jai doing the rest; long story short, creating magic together.

Jai Alexander & Sarah started as a project in 2009 their first single being

released in the summer of 2010. “Ibiza Party” not only brought a new
edge to the music production industry but also rocked clubs across
Europe. Keeping diversity in their music production, ranging from RnB -
“One Way” and dance – “Lost Temple”, they landed in the spotlight of
several large international records companies such as Vidisco, Spinnin
Records, Red Clover.

The 3rd single release “Lover’s night” already became a summer hit,
according to the club listeners. This last song has already been licensed
in over 38 countries, the artists working with big records labels.

The newest single Summer Temptation already announce to become
a summer hit of 2012 , being accepted by big radios all over the world
like Fun Radio, Hit Station, Nrj , etc.

Jai Alexander, the Romanian producer responsible for the creation of the hit Stereo Love( along with Edward Maya) - Jai worked with Edward for many years and lots of singles got out from his studio.The single we now have in promotion is Summer Temptation that already has been accepted by big radios all over the world(Fun Radio,Hits Station etc).You can listen the single on the following link:

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