Thursday, 24 May 2012

Harsh.TV Features - Tony Sway is a Singer/Songwriter & Producer

Tony Sway is a Singer/Songwriter & Producer.
He has produced for acts such as (Frankie J,IQ and more soon to come)
Sway was born(Anthony Michael Simmons) in Olympia,Washington on Dec 17 1982.
He comes from a musical family,his grandfather Sonny Simmons is a well know know Jazz artist who has been signed to major labels like (Warner Bros).

His love for great music mostly came from the songs his Mom would play around the house,records such as(Al B Sure,Michael Jackson,El Debarge,Teena Marie,Guy and many more)

Sway would later find himself,being influenced as a teen by Hip Hop artists like(Tupac,Snoop Dogg,Biggie Smallz,DJ Quik and the list goes on).

At the age of 13 T-Sway convinced his Mom to pick up his first Keyboard after being influenced by a (Dj Quik beat)

From then that's where the producing,songwriting and singing began!

Since that time,Tony Sway has collaborated with several artists,local and famous(Frankie j,IQ).

He has also put out 3 of his own album projects 

(Secrets,My Confessions and Around the Way Girl).
As well as a group project under the name(RnB Smoove) wich hit number 6 on Itunes on the Europe Charts!

The latest project (Secrets) on Itunes, is starting to set a major buzz already.The album contains 19 tracks 4 of witch are bonus material only on the (deluxe edition).The album features collaborations with some other very talented artists including (Andy Quinn who played guitar on Frankie Js platinum album (the one and several others) new comer singer/songwriter Nathaniel Notes,brother hip hop artist,Stylez Major and singer/songwriter Cristian Tyler.

T-Sway just released his new album (Swaylude) on Valentines day 2/14/2012 and new promo single (Make Me Fall) 

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