Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Harsh.TV Features Johnny Walker

EKKO is a series based on live music, touring, and dynamic stage shows, seen from the sound mans’ perspective. But this roadie goes a bit beyond the expected. CJ has a secret craving for the unknown and his hunger has taken the stage visuals to a whole new level. He’s able to keep his paranormal pursuits under lock and key, but as the tour continues, rumors escalate. Even if CJ wanted to stop the ghostly activity, he couldn’t because he’s established a reputation in the spirit world as well, and it seems there are some dues to pay. He’s become the Indiana Jones of the audiovisual world... and the word is out.
Filled with musical references and dynamic semblances, EKKO takes a walk to some unearthly places, while keeping things hauntingly human.


  1. Hey Harsh TV peeps,

    As a special thanks to Harsh TV, we're offering the eBooks for free through July 4 at EKKO Mysteries.com. Get to the website store and select the ebook of your choice, then enter summer 2012 in the coupon space at checkout. The eBook will be sent to your email address free of charge. No CC information is needed and no further emails will be sent.

    We love Harsh TV as much as you do and we hope each of you have a GREAT Summer 2012!!

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