Monday, 14 May 2012

Harsh.TV Features Hot Artist Of The Moment - Centric - Read His Great News Here

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Palace Music Group, LLC enhanced with a Artist distribution addition: Centric
Palace offers digital distribution to over 60 major digital music stores including: Apple\'s iTunes (All World Stores), Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, AmazonMP3, Zune,, Best Buy Digital Music Store, and so many more.

Sacramento, N/A, May 28, 2012--Sacramento, CA, MAY 15th, 2012:
 Palace Music Group an independent Online digital Distribution
 Alliance announced their strategic partnership with Centric to 
leverage worldwide online Major Label digital distribution to 
support Centric’s independent label. Digital Distribution is
 the distribution of mp3s. Palace Music Groupmakes artist
 mp3s available for purchase in digital retail stores. 
The artist, Centic retains all rights to his music. 
Palace holds the rights to distribute his music in 
digital format.

With an independent label started by Centric he and two other members
 Cy Yung and Urban Truth formed “Free at Last LLC” a label
 who has already done some remarkable collaborations through 
the years with artist’s such as Kurtis Blow, Canibus, Skillz, Kool G Rap,
 Dipset and the late comedic legend Patrice O’ Neal. He has had 
his productions enhance the audio of tv/film entertainment as well 
with a tv pilot for the show “Karrotz” set to be part of the adult
 swim roster and has been used for MTV True Life specials as well. 
He also was selected by one of Apple/Itunes clients for using one
 of his instrumentals with online streaming clips. Not to mention Centric 
and aspiring artist Soul P are currently working on a score for a
 soon to be released sprite commercial.

          In addition to his production credits for other artist’s projects he 
has been building his own catalog with his brand of street hard hitting 
percussions and bass with soulful undertones. Among his own works he
 has “Centramentals Vol. 1 & 2”, “Streetsoul Compilation”,
 “The Alter Ego”, and the newly to be released EP “Free at Last”.
 He has also contributed works  for other projects such
 “Buzzworthy Bangers”, “DUBMD Project”plus the mixtape
 circuit as well. Coast to Coast mixtapes, On the Grind mixtapes,
 Major Mixtapes and Dj Yung Cee(G-Unit) Turf Warz mixtape.
 With help from bay area vets and promising vocal talent from 
region to region Centric has been able to spread his sound
 and abilities across the US.

 Palace Music Group focus primarily on the mainstream music
 genres including Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Gospel, 
Alternative and everything in betweenPalace Music Group’s
 products are designed for two primary markets-the independent 
artist and independent record labels. In order for 
Palace Music Group to distribute the artist music digitally, 
the artist must own the copyright for the sound recordings 
OR have permission from the owners.

We\'re not looking for music in any particular style;
 we\'re looking for great music in all styles. 
We license anything that may appeal to a filmmaker, 
television producer, creative advertising director, 
web site designer, or other media user. 
People we work with are looking for something fresh, 
creative and sonically appealing.”
 ~Kamal Jabbar

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