Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive New Interview With The Very Talented NINO

Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive New Interview With The Very Talented NINO We talk about The Very Interesting ''Genres of Music'', Current Music Projects, Musical Influences and Inspirations to.
A Great Interview 

Q.Tell Us Who you Are And What you Do
Im Kofi Agyemang as known in the showbiz cycle as NINO and Im the father of my own Genre called 'NUSLAM'.This genre is a synchronization of known genres on one piece to make it sound Unique and mellifious to the ear.I live on only aesthetically good music.I sing proficiently in English,French and Twi(Local Dialect)

Q.Describe your Music In 5 Words
My Music is Just'Matured music for matured minds' The way I combine great elements in music together and rejuvinating dormant genres sync with a vibrant genre,makes my music standout among other artists.

Q.Do you Write your Own Material?
I do write my own materials,sing and performs with effortless creativity when I grab the microphone.

Q.What are your Current Music Projects?
Im still working on the 'RAIN n WATER' album.Im also planning to have a great Musical Concert this year,some few shows and maybe a tour

Q. Where will you be in 5 years time?
In 5years time,I would be the Ambassador for Ghana music and the next Ghanaian for a Grammy Award.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Im inspired by the bird chirps,how the wind blows etc and also my Mum.I learnt how she used her voice to soothed me,consoled me when I cried,sung me lullaby before bed.Great Artistic Values i learnt and Im still learning...

Q.What do you prefer UK or US Music?
I will go for US music

Q. Who's on your Playlist
On my playlists,I have AL GREEN,OTIS REDDING, PICKETT,ENYA and Angelique kidjo.

Q.Describe your Fashion Style in 5 Words
My fashion style is African designs on western patterns

Q.How can people Connect and Collaborate with you?
One can contact me on twitter @ninomusiq, facebook-Agyemang Kofi NINO,, #233 0247 032566/0246772887

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