Thursday, 3 May 2012

Funds for Islandroc studio

ATTN: All my friend sponsor and new partners in music and artist upliftment, I need you help we need to build a new studio for are artist in Mitchell's Plain Cape Town South Africa we've been working with artist across the world and always come back to help these poor kids per souring there dream and now they need you help too, please this can be and opportunity for all to be part of there dream and to make it a reality for all not just the needy, It's gonna cost us some dollars that we don't have on this moment. For all my friend oversea $5,000 can help us do allot in our country to build a new studio and for my friends and sponsors in South Africa between R30,000 and R40,000 will be able to help with what we busy with.
Please be free to call me 24h/r (+27 744594680) we need to record some of our youth in the next 2 month Co's they busy with there new children right project.
Think deep and Dig deep and become a partner in our project.
Quinten John Allister Swartz

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