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The Wait is Over! My album "12welve is out NOW!

Buy 12welve on iTunes

The Wait is Over! My album "12welve is out NOW!

Get my album instantly, including a BONUS digital PDF booklet on iTunes

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The Singing Saxstress of Soul' - Ava Lemert

Set to Light Up Music World With Her New

Album: 12welve

Universal Motown Digital and Ava Lemert Music, Inc. Are Proud To

Announce The April 2012 Release Of 12welve From R&B/Soul Artist

Ava Lemert.


January 19, 2011 — Universal Motown Digital (UniMO) and Ava Lemert Music, Inc. are

proud to announce today that Ava Lemert fans can pre-order Ava's upcoming album, 12welve

for just $9.99 exclusively through iTunes that will include a full-size, full-color six-page digital

CD booklet designed by Ava herself. California-based soul vocalist/saxophonist Ava Lemert's

latest CD project was mastered by Pete Maher, owner of Top Floor Music, who's worked with some of the biggest Grammy-winners in music

history such as Katy Perry, U2, The Killers and Kelly Clarkson, to name just a few. The best

equipment and techniques have been employed to ensure that the music of 12welve has "majorlabel quality" sound from start to finish!

Ava Lemert is poised to make a big noise in the world of R&B/Soul with her white-hot vocals

and sizzling sultry sax on tracks such as "Ain't No Turning Back Now" a powerful soul

anthem, and a fight song, if you will, for standing up for your rights, making a statement, and

breaking the silence about who you are and what you represent.

Another standout track from 12welve, "A Mother's Song" is an R&B ballad with sweet vocal

harmonies and tender lyrics that come straight from the heart. Ava's lusciously-blended vocals

reminds one of the "slow jams" from great 70's soul girl-groups such as The Emotions or Love

Unlimited. The song was written by Ava to her young son, John, and is intended to be a 'lullaby

for today.' "A Mother's Song," is set to be one of the hits from the new disc with a personal and

emotional punch that is endearing.

12welve, Ava Lemert’s new CD will be officially released to other digital music services on

April 3rd, 2012. It is a carefully bred R&B project with a generous dose of soul, jazz, funk and a

dash of pop blended together as only the Singing Saxstress of Soul can, creating an unmistakable

and universally appealing collection of songs that everyone will love.

What the CD’s Name “12welve” Represents

The CD’s name represents more than the year 2012. It actually is a tribute to her Dad, Bob

Sirkegian, who was the pivotal inspiration for her new CD. Sirkegian’s number as a recordsetting motorcycle racer was the number 12, and it has always been a lucky number in her

household growing up.

The name 12welve also represents her breakthrough album in the year 2012 as she returns to her

own style of R&B/Soul music, linking contemporary R&B with her Jazz background and catchy

UPC: 859707286541Page 2

Pop sensibilities. The latest CD features more of Ava's powerful R&B/Soul vocals while keeping

her instrument of choice —the saxophone— boldly represented throughout the album. It is a

unique style with elements of "old school" Motown R&B with contemporary production

techniques and a dash of jazzy sophistication.


12welve will be available for purchase through Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Spotify,

and many more music web sites. In addition, iTunes will offer an additional bonus CD booklet

download, designed by Ava Lemert, herself that includes exclusive photos and lyrics with a full

CD purchase ($9.99). iTunes is offering a special pre-order of the album as of January 19, 2012.

About Ava Lemert

Ava Lemert grew up in Covina, California and is one of the most innovative and unique jazz

musicians in the music industry today. Her sound can be described as jazz fusion with a

noticeable pop influence. In addition to being a talented saxophonist, clarinetist, composer and

vocalist, Ava is also a graphic designer and her artwork has been seen on TV, in print and can be

viewed on her web sites. She is also a volunteer for several charities, a local elementary school

and also enjoys performing for residents at local assisted living and memory care facilities.

Ava has played concerts and festivals in several cities across the state of California, wowing not

only mature audiences but also younger people with an ear for great music and artistry. As a

brand, Ava Lemert is relentlessly creative and unique, constantly pushing the boundaries of

genre to give the listener a memorable experience. Ava's dedication and love for her craft has

been noticed by the Great Unknowns Presents —Los Angeles taste-makers who have nominated

Ava for Best Jazz Artist in the 2012 Artists in Music Awards taking place at the Key Club in

Hollywood, February 10th, 2012.

The Track Listing For 12welve:

1. Flow On

2. I Think It's Love

3. Far Away Places

4. Workin' on a Groovy Thing*

5. Ain't No Turning Back Now

6. Impress Me

7. Let's Be Real

8. Feeling Naughty

9. Something to Prove

10. A Mother's Song

11. Drive Me Crazy

12. Junior's Jam


For more information and booking Ava Lemert

Please contact John Raymond at Ava Lemert Music, Inc.

Phone: 916.471-8296


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