Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Very Serious and Great Investment Opportunity!!! Seriously Talent Rap Artist, Looking for Serious Investor or Business Partner!!!!!

Very Serious and Great Investment Opportunity!!! Seriously Talent Rap Artist, Looking for Serious Investor or Business Partner!!!!!

Hello there, thanks for taking the time out to read this potential lucrative situation, what we are looking for is a potential investor or business partner, to get behind an artist we truly believe in, and that has massive talent, but unfortunately as you may know, funds are needed in order to be successful, but let’s give a quick rundown of what the artist has already on his own merit, here’s a list of what he brings to the table, and what we have already taken care of for him, the next move is to find funding and just start the process, but here is the rundown,

(About the artist) He owns his own name, (Trademarked) so that doesn’t have to be paid for, he has already started selling his own merchandise, but with the right backing he could sell more, he has his own professional website, has a solid fan-base, but with the right backing that could grow exponentially, Management team behind him with experience, a tour bus, Songwriter for BMI, album already skrink wrapped, Professionally Mixed and Mastered, Barcoded, and ready for sale, singles already mixed and mastered and ready for radio, (5 of them) singles already BDS registered, album already registered through soundscan, and the artist has also received some interest from 2 Major Labels at the moment and another potential investor, who is looking to speak with another investor if need be to share any costs,

(What Funds could be used for) Studio time, as he is already working on his follow up project, personal budget, gas for tour bus, clothing, hotel stays, (and also there is a business plan available that breaks everything down into detail, contact the e-mail if interested)

(About the Investor or Business Partner) We would just hope said investor is a Music lover, or is passionate about being the best, also a hard worker, because said artist and everyone at the camp works hard, so we are looking for the same in an Investor, just someone who is serious about getting ready to start working and making some things happen, because as you may know, Summer is right around the corner, and this is our time to make our splash, especially with Major Label interest being involved, the sooner we start, the sooner he gets his buzz up for deal consideration,

(Conclusion) We hope to hear back from you, and feel free to check out the artist and get a feel for him, his website is www.waltgully.com and for whomever is interested feel free to e-mail us at waltgully@gmail.com , I answer all e-mails as promptly as I receive them, if you need to look over the business plan, we can do that as well, but we are only looking for serious Investors who are ready to embark on something of this magnitude right now, thanks for your time,

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  1. Very Serious and Great Investment Opportunity!