Sunday, 22 April 2012

Read - Nitasha dhariwal catch-up Twitterview with @imogenroy for @harshtv.

Nitasha dhariwal Does A catch-up Twitterview with @imogenroy for @harshtv. Be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter for the latest gossip
Q1) Remind the readers why we love you?
 I wear bindis and lashings of orange? Or perhaps because I remind them of an AbFab character, just more well read.
Q2) What have you been up to since we last interviewed you? 
I've decamped to Paris, where I now work as a PR and fashion assistant. I get into a lot of chic French scrapes. I am watching and learning as Paris teaches me a whole new way of thinking. It's the centre of the creative universe.
Q3) What work is coming up for you?
A lot of international expansion in the company is keeping me busy. China...NYC...Miami... Other than that I am looking forward to the better weather - and being able to take my camera out on the streets again.
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