Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rachel Boagey Gives you, Your Top 10 Spring/Summer Essentials!

Top 10 Spring/Summer Essentials!

Fashion Month continues with a list of ten things that every girl needs to get her Spring/Summer wardrobe into shape!

For this, I am going to be logging onto, which is my all-time favourite fashion website! So if you haven't bought anything from them already, have a look below. I might just change your mind!

1. The Cool Blouse

2. The Stylish Summer Shorts

3. The Divine Day Dress 

4. and one for those Summer nights...

5. Leggings and Blazers are must-have's for when the sun goes down


7. But when it's hot, this crop-top accompanied with some high waisted shorts is to die for..

8. A neutral Maxi-Skirt will compliment any outfit..

9. But Mini-Skirt's will show off those gorgeous tanned legs!

10. Don't forget the shoes - these lovely heels will lengthen your legs and will go with just about anything!

Reported by Harsh.TV Fashion Reviewer Rachel Boagey

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