Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Let James Monk Introduce you to Louise Petit

Louise Petit is a folk-pop singer songwriter from Staffordshire. Raised by Wolves on Cannock Chase, her epic battle to enter the world is penned in ink, forever captured in the iridescent glow of her songs. Over the past year she has written, recorded a solo EP and played at venues and small festivals all around Birmingham and the West Midlands including the Jam House and the Fuse Festival, raising her profile and learning to speak in a language other than metaphor.

Currently Louise is collaborating with a range of accomplished musicians from around the UK to record a new live EP capturing the vitality and stomp-along jollity of her most popular songs ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Demons’. As well as delivering some brand new original music ‘Love is Pure’, ‘A Fading Light’ and ‘You loved me first’.

The addition of Kevin Reginald Cooke on double bass, Tim Heymerdinger on percussion and Tom Manning on mandolin, banjo and guitar, over the unyielding framework of Louise’s heartfelt lyrics and melodies make for wholehearted, warm sounds, on the same perpetual winding pathway, leading inside the secrets and shadows of her former life. Her head occasionally pleads to go back to the trees but her heart is leading her to exciting new stages, wider audiences and the earthy realism of festivals.

Musically she entwines the tender tones of folk with harsh country kicks, all parcelled, quite neatly, inside pop riffs that remain swimming in your head for weeks after listening. Switching confidently between ukulele and guitar, her music moves from intoxicating childlike sing-songs, to enchanting stories of fate. While her lyrics tell tales of love, loss and sharks, her voice takes you by the hand and skips you through the pages of a well leafed fairy tale.

Reported By Harsh.TV's Music Talent Scout James Monk

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