Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Let James Monk Introduce you to Gwyn Ashton's Two-Man Blues Army


Forging its own unique, unparalleled style: an explosive mixture of alternative blues, turbo- charged 50s-70s garage rock, 60s psychedelia and swamp delta blues, Gwyn Ashton’s Two-Man Blues Army goes into battle head-on, with a cutting-edge sound unlike anything out there today. The combo features award-winning Aussie guitarist Gwyn Ashton and Brit powerhouse drummer 'Killer' Kev Hickman.

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Band Interests

"South Australia's greatest contribution to blues-rock"


"Ashton breathes a vibrant new life into bluesy rock with a bang-up-to-date vicious sting in the tail".

- Metal Hammer

"Superb technique and an array of high-energy tunes. Think Rory Gallagher jamming with The White Stripes".

- Classic Rock

"This is blues/rock guitar assault of the highest order and I fu*king love it! The album roars into life with 'Meltdown At The Hoo' - an instrumental name-check of every blues/rock style you've ever heard - and is followed by ten blistering tracks that every fan of the genre will gorge on like a hyena at a lion-kill. Nine of the eleven tracks here are self-penned; the exceptions being incredible versions of Robert Johnson's 'Crossroad Blues' and Blind Willie Reynolds' 'Outside Woman Blues', both made famous by Cream, both blowing Cream's efforts clean out of the water." - Alan Jones, Get Ready To Rock - 2009

"Two-Man Blues Army is a masterclass in rocking garage blues, a feast of big riffs, killer guitar tones and searing vocals. More importantly, the record crackles with the raw, spontaneous energy of a live show, something often absent from many modern blues albums."

- Guitar Buyer

"Two-Man Blues Army roars into life with a raucous onslaught of soupy, swampy, scruff-of-the-neck revved up Hendrix-y electric guitar, as the appropriately-titled "Meltdown At The Hoo" hits top gear and hammers away at your senses! The whole album of killer tunes represents a definite melding of traditional blues-meets-the-21st century."

- Gear

"A two-piece blues avalanche for fans of records how they used to make 'em. There are plenty of sonic and tonal highlights for blues-rockers to get their teeth into. From the high-octane Texas-style blues of Meltdown At The Hoo to the slow menace of One-Way Ticket to The Blues, The standout moment being Cross Road Blues, where a hypnotic tremolo riff builds to a haunting harmonica-led breakdown. This raw showcase of a telepathic duo exploring their blues is well worth cranking up." - Guitarist

“Equipped with just guitar, vocals and drums, this duo march into battle taking on every blues-rock trick in the book, successfully blasting them to a new level. The duo format leaves plenty of room for Gwyn's muscular licks that induce the 'wow' factor time and time again. No-nonsense, brutal and invigorating.” - Guitar & Bass

" ...unlike many of his contemporaries Ashton does not resort to cliché, pomp and bluster, but lays down terrific riffs and inserts just enough light and shade to make him a leader in this genre...this is top drawer stuff."

Reported By Harsh.TV's Music Talent Scout James Monk

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