Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Harsh.TV Weekly Hotspot features Travis Royce

Musician Travis Royce Signs Contract With Fast-Growing Canadian Artist
Development Co;
Will Take Part in Western States Tour

Travis Royce, a 23-year-old producer/songwriter/performing artist from
Portland, Ore., has signed a contract with HMP Recording and
Development--a fast-growing Canadian artist development
company--released an EP of electronic music, “The Therapy 2.0 EP,” and
inked a deal with Gotham Music Placement.

The non-exclusive contract with HMP Recording & Development,
Vancouver, BC, is one of the first HMP has signed with a US artist as
it expands into the US, beginning with Portland and Seattle. The
company is expanding faster than any other firm like it in Canada,
says Mark Rosner, CEO, HMP Recording & Development.

“Travis Royce is the one who will lead our company into the new music
industry in the States, “ says Rosner, whose company provides artist
development. management, licensing, touring, and exposure in film and
TV. “I like his music, I’m impressed with his team, and Travis seems
very driven—committed long-term,” Rosner says.

HMP will provide opportunities to place Royce’s and other artists’
music in film through its sister company, Immortalis Media Group,
which is owned in part by well-known Hollywood actor Luis Guzman,
Gabriel Napora from Triton films, and Tim Marlowe from MEH pictures.
Immortalis is producing a feature film and also planning a comedy tour
with Guzman and other well-known actors, says Rosner.

Royce will take part in HMP’s western states tour, planned for spring
2013. HMP’s upcoming spring tour, in Canada, May 27- June 2, will be
the subject of a TV documentary.

HMP recently signed an agreement with Shaw Communications, Canada’s
leading cable provider, under which a documentary of HMP’s May 2012
tour will be aired nationally, according to Rosner. The spring 2013
tour that Royce will take part in is expected to receive similar
coverage, Rosner says.

“What we want to create is a lasting impression of our tours through
coverage on TV and in the media,” Rosner says.

The contract with Gotham Music Placement is the fifth contract Royce
has signed with companies interested in pitching his original music
for placement in TV, commercials, movies, and video games.

To learn more about Royce, visit www.tmcroyce.com

For more information, email cohnmerk@comcast.net

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