Sunday, 29 April 2012

Harsh.TV Hot Spot Features - Singer-Songwriter Mark Munroe

Canadian Singer-Songwriter Mark Munroe is breaking out on his own and taking the music industry by storm.  

Born and raised in the little town of Schomberg, Ontario, music has always been a part of Mark's life.  From starring in musicals from the tender age of 5, to fronting internationally known band IM Munroe, singing comes naturally to him.  Creativity flows through his veins, and his spirit is independent and strong.  It is that independence that led Mark to single-handedly write, and release his upcoming album.  Mark is also no stranger to the public eye.  After undergoing a huge physical transformation losing over 100lbs, Mark set his sights on conquering the modelling industry.  He, of course was successful, but was there any doubt?  After gracing the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine, starring in countless ad campaigns and becoming the spokesperson position for global brands, Mark’s formidable ambition drove him to the next frontier; Acting.  Tirelessly working to market himself, Mark appeared on every single Canadian Network, and fearlessly pushed boundaries that others would have run from.  From Judging on Last Bride Standing to sexy after dark series Body Language, Mark showed the acting world that there was nothing he couldn’t handle.  Finally, breaking the scariest boundary of all, Mark publicly came out on his blog ( showing tremendous bravery and strength of character.
After overcoming so many obstacles, and achieving so many of goals many never dream of, Mark is ready for the next adventure.  Branching out on his own, Mark Munroe is bringing the world his own brand of music.  Combining pop, rock, a touch of Lambert, and something very Munroe, his debut solo album "The Life that I Designed" will drop in summer 2012.  The newly released debut EP "The Singles" is already infiltrating hearts and minds giving fans a taste of what's to come from Mark's debut album.

Actor, model, singer, jack of all trades, if one thing is certain, it is that Mark Munroe is a force to be reckoned with. The world waits with baited breath, for the latest phase of his plan for world domination.  Will you be ready? 
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