Sunday, 22 April 2012

Harsh.TV Features - A.J Finesse

About A.J. Finesse

Alright so ive been taking singing lessons since i started and ive improved alot on everything, stay tuned for new vids, you WILL be impressed, thanks for the love and GOD bless


  1. When will you be doing an interview on AJ? His voice is amazing and I would love to hear more about him. Does he have a website?


  2. Hi Tracy Thank you so much for your Comment We would Love to Interview AJ Keep stopping by to Check For His Interview. If you click on his Link above you can connect with via youtube.
    Thank you again so much. With Much Gratitude and Respect
    The Harsh.TV Team

  3. Hi Harsharan,

    I didn't see a link but I found him on youtube you may want to add it he has a lot of fans.


  4. Hi Tracy thank you so much for the link, we have now added the video. Thank you. hopefully we should be doing an interview with him.
    Thanks for your feedback, always Appreciated.
    The Harsh.TV Team xxx