Friday, 13 April 2012

Be In With A Chance of Getting your Music Into TV or Film....

Song Of The Month

Guidelines & Entry

H Music's "Song Of The Month" Contest honors and publicizes the best songs which

are submitted to us each month.

The writer(s) of the winning song will be showcased on the H Music
website which is seen by many pro songwriters, A&R executives, publishers
and music supervisors who come to listen to winning songs each month.
The winner's showcase includes a photo of the winner, audio of the winning song and
winner's biography.

The winner will also receive the following prizes:

1. One year of promotion for the winning song. Song will be pitched & seen
in H Music newsletters, blog and social media for opportunities in television,
film and advertising opportunities listed on and off our site.
2. Winner will also receive a copy of "How To ShopYour Music For Television &
Films," a most valuable resource to independent artists, songwriters, musicians
publishers and record labels who'd like to increase placements in film, television
and video games.

Contains over 60 pages of information covering everything you need to know
to get your music to the top companies and executives who license the music.


All Genres & Styles Accepted! You may submit your song via MP3, or send in your
CD via mail. Here are the instructions:

For MP3s

Please submit your song(s) via MP3, to this e-mail address:

Be sure to paste your lyrics into the actual text of your e-mail, and not in an

attachment. You will then need to pay via our purchase page for this service.

  • The entry fee for this contest is $6.00 U.S. for one song.
  • Or you can enter 2 songs for $10.00
  • 3 songs for $13.50

Click here to make

If your song is already available online, just place the link to your site under special
instructions when making your payment on our purchase page. If your lyrics are not
available on the site, please send them to us via e-mail.

For CDs
Please send your CD along with lyric sheet and payment to:

H Music
P.O Box 20352
PWF Station
New York, N.Y. 10025

Please include your e-mail address in the package. For CDs which are mailed in, you

can pay by either check or money order. Please enclose a check or money order in the

package, payable to "H Music". For all submittals from outside the United States,

please pay by a money order payable in U.S. currency. If you would like your CD

returned, enclose a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope). However, we cannot

return packages sent to us from outside the U.S.

Important Notes: Winner will be contacted via phone or email address provided
by the first of each month.

Deadline for contest submissions is on the 28th of each month. All songs received
after the 28th of the month will be submitted for the following month.
-Each song will be judged on its artistic merit, originality, craft and market potential.
Demos do not have to be elaborately produced, but they need to be presented in a
professional manner.
Please Click here for Website

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