Thursday, 22 March 2012

Let James Monk Introduce you to Jamie Parkes

Hi Guys, I ve managed to destroy my last little Bio thingy which is most annoying so here's the shortened version (possibly): I've been in to music my whole life and writing songs is something I ve always done since learning the guitar. I am a melody man I just love to hear a great tune I think a song can mean so much to so many people just by the sound of it I think music should appeal to the emotions. I have been learning the Violin all these years and infact I teach it for a living! I am married to a wonderful woman called Marianne who's amazin'! Well dudes I hope you like the music, I actually have an album called 'Faithful' if you'd like a copy please do get in touch and I ll get it to you...2009 Update : Hello dudes. I have to decided to add some more tunes since this little site of mine has not been very abundant lately. I ve got some interesting gigs on the horizon playing Violin for Darren Poyzer at an acoustic festival near Lichfield and playing with Ben Calvert in Birmingham (both hopefully) I m also hoping to be doing more playing over the summer so watch out! Take care dudes and Folk on. ..

Reported By Harsh.TV's Music Talent Scout James Monk

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