Friday, 15 April 2011

Get The Dramatic Red Carpet Look!

The Dramatic Red Carpet Look:
Forget separate, sometimes a long gown is the only way to go if you’re looking for full-on glamour. 
Make sure your dress fits really well. All of us are guilty of falling for an item on the hanger and fooling ourselves in the changing room. Just remember after a few hours of wear it will show all over your face. A pained expression is not a good look.
Find a shape and style that suits your figure. (please see body shape images) Not all of us are fortunate enough to be born with the perfect hour-glass 32”34”36” to carry off any look.
Fabulous or wacky – know the difference. If you go for wacky have a witty retort at the ready to combat any negative reactions. Remember you are a slave to fashion and you are simply expressing that. 
Don’t under sell yourself. Even simple can be done with impact. Shoulders back, head held high, think confident, think me, me, and me. 
Body Shapes:
Petite = don’t grown in fabric. The vertically challenged can still do long but avoid the puddle effect around your feet. Large details around the neckline and voluminous sleeves are also a big no no.
Boyish = A long empire-line dress can look fabulous on the less endowed figure. Reveal a good amount of skin around the neckline for femininity and add detailing around the bust to boost your lack of assets. 
Hourglass = Work it girl! Corseting is great for enhancing your knockout look. If your hips are on the generous side wear a padded bra to balance you out. Avoid anything with a high neck or minus a waistline – frumpiness is guaranteed. 
Fuller Figure = Soft fabrics in draped style can be great for the fuller figure. Make sure you pull in the draping at the waist to accentuate your sexy curves. 
Prints are a sure-fire way of turning up the volume on your outfit. To avoid being overwhelmed – remember it’s you wearing the print, not the print wearing you - chose a fine fabric that will move gracefully, keep the line of the dress clean and ditch any fussy accessories. Not everybody can pull off an eye-catching colour. If you’ve got skin nearing orange pull it down immediately, though it’s perfect when you have a porcelain complexion. Technicolor shades are instant mood lifters so if I choose this gown I know I’ll make heads turn. 

Written & Reported by Neha Kubavat

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