Thursday, 10 January 2013

Harsh.TV Features Lady Spinsters

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DJ Carmel Love
We are an elite and unique squad that, is taking the world by storm, what make this squad different from all other DJ squads out there are the members. Each member is hand picked by the Chief Executive officer, President, and the Vice President. Now I know you may say that, this is not special but it’s a process they go through but that is not the only thing this squad is form of women, that’s right an all female DJ Squad imagine having them do your next party or function.
Not only having great music playing but also have it done by a beautiful woman that will keep your audience captivated and on the dance floor throughout the evening.
These DJ’S not only keep you dancing, but some of them even compete on an International level and even won. We also help upcoming DJs to live their dreams so if this something that you want to be a part of then we encourage you to visit our website.
With all of the ventures that we are embarking in I would like to take this moment to introduce you to our members and if you see one that you would like to DJ at your next event again just stop by and contact us.
DJ Carmel Love:
Radio show host for, style is Reggae R & B, Hip Hop and House, from New York but is now living in California. She is on on Thursdays – Saturdays 11:00 PST.
Deejay Diamond:
The life of the party she competes around the world and is definitely known internationally, she plays deep house and is serious when it come to her art. From Hawaii she lives in California of you want to learn more about her checkout her website
Dee Jay Game girl
Canada’s finest she is a club DJ and with her format of djing you will never rest your feet.
DJ Mrs. Magoo
Drum & Bass this Dj is great at what she does when I heard her mix I said she can make any instrument purr like a kitten, when you have her djing your event then you are really in for a treat. Scotland bewares.
Dj D-Boss
Need I say anything else our sisters in Australia hold it down with their own station and clubs Mix bosses when you visit make sure you stop by to show them some love
DeeJay Diamond
Dee Jay diamond
deejay gamegirl
DJ Shannon Magoo in blue
DJ Dboss-Australia
DJ EShorty
That is some of the ladies of Lady Spinsters DJS. Now with all of that being said we are having a showcase on February 9, 2013 and would love to see everyone in the place.
Also if you are not doing anything on January 15, 2013 tune into blogtalk radio where I will be interviewed by Pastor BJ this is the link
As you know this is our first newsletter of many to come I thank you for following us on all of our links.
T M O A D Flyer Front
©2013 Lady Spinsters Network | Austell. Georgia

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